Mercedes-Benz Teases New EQE, An Electric Vehicle Alongside The 2022 EQS

July 30th, 2021 by

Earlier this year, German automobile brand Mercedes-Benz revealed the 2022 EQS, an electric vehicle modeled after the iconic flagship vehicle, the S-Class. Earlier on Thursday, Mercedes-Benz took another step into the electric vehicle scene after causing a well received commotion against companies such as Tesla by teasing that they will be adding a new vehicle to the electric clan, the EQE!

Details leaked about the EQE have revealed that this electric sedan will be a slightly smaller version of the 2022 EQS 450+ sedan that most Mercedes-Benz lovers in New York have become familiar with. Akin to its name, the sizing will be similar to the MotorTrend Car Of The Year, the E-Class.  A teaser shot of the EQE also shows that the dashboard will be similar to the OLED Hyperscreen design featured in the aforementioned 2022 EQS as well. Although they may be similar, photos have shown that the EQE’s rear haunches and front fenders are more pronounced. The sedan is also rumored to have a short rear deck with an integrated spoiler. 

As mentioned on Thursday, Mercedes-Benz will be revealing a plethora of new electric-vehicle debuts to the 2021 IAA, including the EQE, an electric AMG, and even a possible electric Mercedes-Maybach. Much more information has not been released, but drivers in Huntington, Northport, Elwood, Commack and surrounding areas are on the edge of their seat to know what else will be featured in the newly announced EQE.

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