Why the 2021 S-Class is a Model of the Future

August 7th, 2020 by

*European vehicle image shown

In a world where SUV’s are high in demand, it becomes increasingly difficult to grab consumer’s attention when releasing sedan style cars. This is usually the case, but when it comes to the S-Class, it’s traditional body style still captures the interest of many. With many modern new features that showcase the innovation behind the Mercedes-Benz brand, the 2021 S-Class has set an example of what the future of the automotive industry will look like.


*European vehicle image shown

Although we have only seen the new S-Class under a camouflage wrap due to the car being officially released on September 2nd, we can still tell quite a bit about the new S-Class exterior. Akin to its predecessor that you may have seen in our showroom, the 2021 model has the same long-hood, and long-wheelbase shape. Although those proportions look very similar to the last, it looks like the front grille is even larger, as well as that the tail looks to have risen higher than before. The door handles are flush, and pop out electronically, similar to the Tesla Model S. With a more angular look, the aerodynamics of the vehicle have been slightly tweaked to create a more aerodynamically efficient sedan.

More Than Just Looks

Now that we know the exterior of the car is up to par with the S-Class standard, you may be wondering if this luxury car will be worth it past it’s appearances. The answer is definitely! S-Classes sold in the U.S will offer inline-six diesel engines, with an option to step up to a 4.0 liter, while the 2021 Maybach will have the all-powerful v12 engine which will be combined with 4MATIC® all-wheel drive for the first time in history. Not only do these cars have advanced engine systems, but the suspension has stepped up it’s game as well. Two different chassis systems will be offered, a single chamber air suspension system, as well as a “E-Active Body Control” option that helps the car lean into tighter areas such as corners. For when you find yourself in a tough spot when in the streets of Greenlawn, when your vehicle is equipped with the new all-wheel steering option that helps the car turn the rear wheels an incredible 10 degrees, the S-Class turning-circle diameter is drastically minimized by two-meters, creating an overall more versatile vehicle. Although those of us living in the United States may not see this as highly valued, those living in Europe find these features incredibly useful due to their crowded areas, and sometimes smaller roads. The great advantage of having this system regardless of your region, is that at higher speeds, the stability is increased by having the rear wheels slightly turn in the same angle/direction as the fronts. Wouldn’t this be so useful when on the LIE? Talk about a car that truly makes life easier!

If you happen to step inside the new S-class while waiting for your new tires to be put on while in our Service Department, it will prove to be just as awe-inspiring as when you first lay eyes on the car. The moment you sit in the driver’s seat you’ll notice the steering wheel has changed with a new spherical center. Look beyond the steering wheel and you’ll notice the dashboard has been completely revamped with what looks to be up to five digital screens. An industry first, the augmented reality fitted head-up display will be sure to grab your attention if the 12.8 inch center console screen does not. The head-up display will have the usual information as well as over laying navigation queues such as arrows almost holographically into your field of vision, making it especially easy to get to any destination you may be travelling to around Huntington, Greenlawn, Commack, or even Fort Salonga. However, the innovation does not end there, the instrument cluster also features a unique three-dimensional view. This enhances readability as the system filters and prioritizes the most important information, and changes the screen accordingly. Not only does the system filter information for you, but it also monitors the driver’s eyes and adjusts the 3D effect to fit their vision. The system also recognizes when the driver is not using the 3D display, and reverts back to 2D so as to not be a distraction to driving.

Is the New S-Class safe?

Staying on brand with Mercedes-Benz, the car is incredibly safe. The 2021 luxury model will feature up to sixteen airbags, including airbags that extend from behind the front seat and can monitor when a child seat is in place as well as making it safer for those who are being chauffeured. The tubing structure inside of these airbags cushion the passengers head if they happen to lurch forward towards the back of the front seats. Other than the obvious use of airbags, the new futuristic sedan will also include a feature named Pre-Safe Impulse Side. This feature uses the radar system to detect when something will collide with the vehicle laterally, and will lift the car up three inches to cause more force to revert to the door frame instead of the actual door.

Now that we’ve piqued your interest with features of the new 2021 S-Class that absolutely set it apart from most cars in it’s day, are you ready to start driving the car of your dreams? Stay tuned with our Sales Department or follow our Instagram to hear updates on when the 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class, will hit our showroom floor.