How To Reset Check Engine Light In Your Mercedes-Benz SUV

Most modern Mercedes-Benz cars have check engine lights that come on when a number of problems manifest. After repair, the check engine light might not necessarily go off even if the problem has been resolved. Usually, an OBD II scanner can erase the error codes and subsequently the check engine light. You can also use other methods to reset the check engine light without the scanner.

Using the OBD II Scanner

You can rent or buy an OBD II scanner to check for error codes, inspect the different systems in the car, and reset the check engine light after repairs. All you need to do is:

  • Buy or rent an OBD II scanner that is compatible with your vehicle. It is not practical to buy the scanner since they can be costly, and you may only use them a few times. You are better off renting the scanner from a certified dealership or service center. Make sure that the scanner is compatible with the SUV model you have.
  • Identify the location of the OBD II port. This varies depending on the SUV model and year of manufacture. Generally, it is located on the passenger side footwell under the dashboard. Connect the scanner to your car using the instructions provided.
  • If all the necessary repairs have been made, clear them from your car’s system using the scanner. You will also find a provision for clearing the check engine light. Only do this if you are sure that all the problems related to the error codes have been repaired.

This is the safest and easiest way to clear check engine light codes but should only be done if adequate repairs have been done and the check engine light is still on.

Resetting Without a Scanner

You can reset a Mercedes SUV check engine light without a scanner. This is preferable for people who love to take care of their cars on their own. Resetting the check engine light without a scanner is not difficult and involves only a few steps i.e.:

  • Remove the fuel filler cap and then screw it tightly. Loose fuel filler caps are common causes of check engine lights. If the fuel filler cap is damaged, replace it.
  • Disconnect the negative battery terminal and then wait for a few minutes. The negative terminal is identified by the cable color (black) or by having a – sign. The positive terminal usually has a red cover on it. Avoid contact between the negative and positive terminals or between the cables and the car bodywork.
  • Press the cars on or turn on the headlights before reconnecting the battery cable. This will drain any leftover energy from the vehicle’s electrical circuitry. Once you reconnect the battery cable switch on the engine and the check engine light should not light up.

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