New Tires With Ideal Tread Are a Quality Investment for Your Mercedes-Benz

November 9th, 2017 by


At Mercedes-Benz of Huntington, we know that meaningful performance from your vehicle at all times is a must. Ensuring that all vehicle functions are operating at the highest levels is often left for our service professionals when you bring your Mercedes-Benz in for maintenance, but drivers can do their part as well. When it comes to tire tread wear, making sure you have the right levels of tread and traction is important, as it keeps your grip on the road and allows your vehicle to maintain optimal stopping distance, because when you have tires with poor tread depth, there are many dangers.

Hazards of Poor Tire Tread

Driving on tires with poor tread depth that have been worn out limits your vehicle’s braking and driving abilities in many ways. If you were to drive a vehicle with tread wear at 60 miles per hour on a wet road, your vehicle’s braking distance could be up to 10 additional car lengths than what a vehicle with full tread would stop at. Having good brakes simply is not enough, which is why we encourage all drivers to check their tire tread wear.

Checking Tire Tread with the “Penny Test”

Using the so-called “penny test” you can take a penny, and place it in between the tread of your tires with the head of Lincoln’s bust facing down toward the tread. If the head disappears into the tread, it’s a sign your tire tread is at suitable and ideal levels. If you are able to see all of the penny’s head, it’s a sign you should invest in a new set of tires, as the tread is not ideal, and is dangerous.

Our Mercedes-Benz Tire Shop is Ready To Assist

Our tire center is able to assist you, providing standout treads from across a wide range of suppliers. We can recommend and determine which tires are right for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle, so you get ideal driving at all times, and have added confidence behind the wheel too.

If you’d like to learn more, contact us in our tire center and we’d be happy to provide additional details and discuss your new tire options today.

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