Is Your Mercedes-Benz Leaking Transmission Fluid?

If not detected early, oil leaks can cause a mess of problems for your Mercedes-Benz such as engine damage or breakdowns. If you suspect your Mercedes-Benz is leaking transmission fluid, here are some signs that you can look out for to be sure.

Dark Puddles

Let your car sit for several hours before taking a look at your parking spot or driveway. Remember to place several pieces of paper or cardboard underneath the car first so they can catch any leaks. Drip marks or puddles found underneath your car are an apparent indicator of a fluid leak, but take a closer look to make sure that the fluid is really oil. Here is how to identify the type of fluid:

  • Oil is usually brown-black or yellow-brown in color, based on how old it is. Oil also has a bitter smell.
  • Transmission fluid is always reddish-brown or red and the puddle will appear much nearer to the middle of the engine.
  • Power steering fluid also looks reddish-brown in color or it can be black and it will pool towards the front of the vehicle.
  • Brake fluid is usually pale brown in color and is very slick in nature.
  • Antifreeze or engine coolant varies in color and it depends on your engine. In most cases, it appears yellow, bright green, or red.

Engine Smoke

Engines get hot and when oil escapes your car oil lines, it will drip onto your exhaust system to produce a dark smoke. In time, this leak can cause damage to your engine sensor or even cause your gaskets to fail. If there is any smoke in your engine and there is a burning odor, schedule a servicing appointment as soon as you can.

Blue Exhaust Smoke

Oil can escape from its lines into your combustion chamber. When the oil gets burned by the chamber, your exhaust will emit a thick smoke that is tinted in blue. This will leave an oil residue in the combustion chamber and degrade the metal which can in turn cause a multitude of engine problems.

Low Oil

If you notice your warning light is ignited or your engine has overheated, most likely you have low oil. This can mean that there is an oil leak. Check your oil level by opening up the hood and taking out the oil dipstick. Oil heats up and it will splatter while your car is running. Make sure that the vehicle is turned off before you clean your oil dipstick and reinsert it back into the pipe for a clean read to check the level clearly. There are also lines on most oil dipsticks which help to indicate whether your oil is low or otherwise. Your oil can be low even if there is no oil on the ground. This can be because the oil is leaking elsewhere. Certain leaks will only happen when the vehicle is running like main seals and valve cover gaskets. If you are unsure, always trust the expertise of a factory-trained technician at Mercedes-Benz of Huntington.