How To Identify Intermittent HID Headlight Issues For Mercedes-Benz Cars

If you own a Mercedes manufactured from the late 1990s onward, chances are that it has HID headlights. These types of lights are preferred because of their high visibility and their safety for oncoming traffic. under some circumstances, you may notice that your HID lights start having intermittent problems. This is a guide on how to identify these problems.

Check the Electrical Connections

Compromised electrical connections are a common cause of intermittent HID problems. You should check the following:

  • Proper harness connections: ensure that all the wires terminating at the headlights are not loose. Check the harness connections and tighten them if they are loose. Frequent vibrations can cause these connections to come apart. This will manifest as flickering or intermittent functioning.
  • Check the headlight fuses and make sure they are tightly in place. You can identify where to find them using your user manual.
  • Followed the wiring from the defective headlights and not for any breaks that might require replacement of the wires. You can also use a multimeter to check the continuity between the headlights and the ground. Loss of continuity means that the wire is broken at some point or has an intermittent short circuit.
  • Check the grounding for the headlights. You can find the ground point in your user manual and it should connect directly to the car’s body. The ground point should be tight and clean.
  • Check all power cords and connectors to make sure that they are OEM. Areas that have been crimped should be tight and insulated.

Inspect the Headlight Housing

A common cause of intermittent function is an HID housing that is loose. This happens especially after installation of aftermarket or new OEM headlights. check the following details:

  • Check if the headlight housing is loose. Make sure it is properly tightened if not.
  • Ensure that the replacement headlight housing has the same dimensions as the OEM housing.
  • Check for proper fit between the housing and your car’s body. Telltale signs such as gaping areas could cause the headlights to malfunction intermittently. You may need to reinstall the headlights or get OEM headlights.
  • The mounting point between the headlight and the car should be stable. If the mounting point is not anchored properly it could lead to vibration and later on intermittent malfunction.
  • Make sure that the headlight beam has been adjusted properly. It might be possible to adjust the beam on your own, but it is generally recommended to get it done by a Mercedes-Benz specialist.

Once you have identified the problem causing the intermittent malfunction, you can fix it yourself if it is a simple problem or have it fixed by a certified technician for more complex issues.

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