How To Identify A Mercedes-Benz Alternator Failure

Mercedes-Benz is one of the best-selling auto brands in the market today, owing to its high-performance and luxurious fleet of models. Like any other vehicles, Mercedes-Benz also experiences technical issues from time to time. It is important for you to know when there is a problem so as to be able to rectify the issue fast and avoid expensive repair costs. Here is how you can identify a Mercedes-Benz alternator failure and the actions you can take.

Dim Lights

A common sign that your Mercedes-Benz alternator is not functioning is noticing your lights flickering or dimming. This is more apparent when your headlights are on at night. The lights in your cabin and dash may also appear to be much dimmer than usual. If these lights get brighter as your vehicle’s RMPs rise, this is an even more obvious sign of a fault in the alternator.

Difficulty Igniting and Rough Operation

Cranking your vehicle engine needs quite a bit of energy. If your car battery is not able to replenish its power properly as a result of a faulty alternator, it will become drained and ineffective. If the alternator is indeed the root of this problem, you will hear a clicking sound when you turn on the ignition. This is because it will be hard for your car engine to turn over.

Engine Light is On

Another sign that shows your alternator is malfunctioning is when your engine light is on. This may vary from model to model but when the “check engine” or “ALT” light is on, then it is an indication of a faulty alternator.

Whining or Growling Noises

An alternator runs on a belt found within the vehicle that works along with the crankshaft pulley. The alternator pully usually spins around two times as fast as the crankshaft pulley. This is to provide the power that is needed by the vehicle when it is running at a lower engine speed. When the pulley is not properly aligned with the belt or when the bearings are worn, the alternator may make a growing noise. It is recommended to check if there are any cracks or signs of wear and tear found on the belt. If there are, repairs are necessary.

Smell of Burning Rubber

When you smell the odor of rubber burning or wires being scorched, it may also be an indication of a non-working alternator. When there is friction between the pully and a belt that has misaligned, it will give off that burning rubber smell. This smell is often the result of an alternator that has overheated.

Signs of Mercedes-Benz Alternator Failure

If you witness any of the signs above, always seek professional help as early as possible. Factory-trained technicians can help to assess the signs and determine the underlying issues. They will provide the necessary repair and maintenance services as required by your vehicle to get it up and running like new again. At Mercedes-Benz of Huntington, you can expect top-notch servicing using only OEM parts that deliver high performance and safety.