How To Clean the Interior of Your Mercedes-Benz

Cleaning the interior of your Mercedes-Benz is key to keeping it feeling and looking its best. Doing so minimises the degredation to the interior surfaces that are caused by mud, dust, dirt, while also keeping it looking luxurious by preventing and removing stains. Additionally, regularly cleaning the interior of your Mercedes-Benz even comes with financial perks, which is enabling your Mercedes-Benz to fetch a higher resale value if you decide to sell it in the future.

Ready to start cleaning the interior of your Mercedes-Benz so that it continues to feel and look as new as the day you bought it? Let us guide you.

Clear the Trash

First of all, declutter by disposing of all the trash from the seat pockets and cup holders. Do not forget to check your floorboards and door pockets for clutter as well. Be sure to pay attention to the trunk as well, and to check under seats and the cracks between seats for trash and clutter. Remember to check everywhere thoroughly, and toss out all that your vacuum cannot handle.

This step is essential to preventing pests from seeking refuge in your Mercedes-Benz.

Remove and Clean the Floor Mats

Next, pull the floor mats out of the vehicle and shake off any dirt and grime as much as possible. This will make it much easier to give your floor mats a good vacuuming.

Vacuum the Interior Car Seats and Floors

After removing the mats, it’s time to get cleaning with your vacuum. Start with the seats, and if you have a slim-tip attachment for your vacuum cleaner, it is optimal to use it to reach into the crevices in the leather. Subsequently, move on to vacuuming the floors. Start under the seats and ensure that you vacuum between seats. Be sure that you vacuum every crack and crevice that you can get the nozzle, including under the pedals, and along the side door panels. It is also advisable to slide your seat fore and aft to make sure you do not leave any nook and cranny unchecked. If necessary, vacuum your trunk as well.

Wipe Away Grime and Dust

Now that you have finished vacuuming your Mercedes-Benz, get a soft cloth, such as a microfiber dust cloth, or a cleaning wipe, and a spray filled with mild detergent, to remove the dirt from the interior surfaces. Do take note to start by getting the dirt off the higher surfaces before cleaning the lower ones, so as to let the debris fall to be scooped up later. Start by wiping the dash, then wipe around the steering wheel, gauge cluster, gear shift, and other tight spaces. Subsequently, move on to the console, and the area between the seats. Do make sure that the air vents are clean and free from dust too, by using a fine toothbrush. Do not forget to clean the interior of your windows, and your door panels as well.

Remove Stains

For stained cloth seats, a bit of water and a typical cleanser will do the trick. However, with leather seats, more care and attention is required. To do so, use a specific leather cleaning agent, and work it into the leather with a soft cloth. Finish the job by applying a leather protection cream to keep you leather in pristine condition.

There you have it, our guide to cleaning the interior of your Mercedes-Benz, for a much fresher and cleaner ride.