How To Change Your Mercedes-Benz Windscreen

There are many steps that need to be taken with total care in order to replace your Mercedes-Benz windscreen. Here are some guidelines that you can follow if you wish to complete the process on your own. Alternatively, you can schedule a servicing appointment with Mercedes-Benz of Huntington to seek the assistance of our experienced factory-trained technicians.

Chipped Windscreen

If there is just a chip in your windscreen, you do not need to replace the entire glass. You can make use of a resin kit if your vehicle insurance does not cover it. However, we recommend that you let our professionals handle it for you as it just involves a relatively low cost to get it done at our service facility. The resin kit includes a syringe that forces resin into the crack in your glass. Make sure to follow the instructions given in the kit closely to prevent the crack from spreading.

Cleaning Windscreen Perimeter

After removing the windscreen, you need to get rid of all the urethane adhesives surrounding the glass to ensure that the work area is completely clean. You can make use of a scraper to reach every layer of the adhesives. A vacuum cleaner may also be used to ensure the windscreen perimeter is free from any debris and adhesive remnants. Once everything has been cleared, use a cloth with warm water so that the surface remains clean. No dirt should be on the area where urethane is applied to prevent problems with replacement.

Priming the Pinch Weld

As you cut out the urethane, there will probably be some scratches. You can make use of a urethane primer on the surrounding area of the windscreen, in the window channel, and the inside edge. The primer will help the urethane to stick better and also to prohibit rust buildup. If there is already rust on this area, sand it down before priming it and wait several minutes before the urethane is applied.

Bead of Urethane

Remove the bottom cap of the urethane cartridge and install it on a caulk gun. Lay out a bead of urethane and try to continue the line as long as possible. Keep your hand at a constant speed and avoid stopping to not miss any spots. After you are done, revisit the urethane line to see if you have missed any spots.

Installing New Windscreen

Install the new windscreen by using suction cups or get a second person to help you out. Make sure to put on rubber gloves to prevent any grease or contaminants from getting onto the windscreen. Place the windscreen on the car and push it into its perimeter using your palm. Make sure to install the new windscreen right after applying the bead of urethane. Waiting too long may reduce the adhesiveness of the urethane. Position the windscreen correctly to ensure it does not move about too much. The urethane may take several hours to cure so be sure to leave the car as it is during this period.