How To Change Mercedes-Benz Door Panels

Replacing the door panels on previous Mercedes-Benz cars required a lot of time, labor, and attention. However, with the arrival of the newer models, this task has never been easier. In this article, we at Mercedes-Benz of Huntington will teach you how to change Mercedes-Benz door panels.

Why Is It Important to Know How to Do Repair Work on your Car?

You will develop vital skills that will benefit you in all facets of life if you learn to undertake your own auto maintenance. Confidence is one quality you will undoubtedly acquire. Learning to repair your own automobile is a great method to boost your confidence since you will have a greater grasp of your vehicle and will feel more capable of solving any issues that may arise.

You will feel more relaxed. Many automobile owners are frightened of having to fix their cars because they do not know what to do. When something does not function, it is not always easy to figure the situation out. When you pay the mechanic a visit, he or she may inform you that multiple things are causing issues and that you will be charged a large amount to address what you assumed was a trivial issue. Any vehicle owner would be stressed by this, but if you understand how to repair your vehicle, you will not be. You will have a lot more faith in your car and in yourself since you will feel much more capable and knowledgeable!

Changing the Door Panels

The steps that we have outlined below will lead you through the proper process of replacing the door panels of your car.

Prepare the Work Area

Disconnect the battery’s negative connection, which is black in color. Cover the seat and the steering wheel with a piece of fabric to protect them from harm. This is an optional step.

Release the Door Panel

Remove 2 screws from behind the door armrest using a screwdriver. 9 plastic clips are hidden under the door panel’s borders. One of the clips is distinct from the other 8. Using a trim removal device, pull away the door panel from the side nearest to the hinge. Every clip should pop out. Working from the bottom-most door panel to the door’s end, remove the clips. Support the door panel securely from 2 opposite ends after the clips have been released. Remove the door panel by lifting it up and gently pulling it outward. There are connections attached to the panel, so do not rip it off.

Take Out the Door Panel

The door lock cord is located towards the middle of the inner door panel. To remove it from the panel, lift it from the activator latch. Behind the panel speaker is a little connecting component. To unhook the latch, put a pick in the connector’s vacant slot. The connecting component should then be gradually pulled out. Finally, 2 light blue connections are inserted into the door frame component. Unhook every connector with the pick and carefully take it out. Take out the door panel and place it aside once all connecting components have been disconnected. Follow the instructions above in the opposite order to reinstall the panel.