How to Adjust Your Mercedes-Benz Clock

If you’ve just gotten your new Mercedes-Benz car, you are probably wondering how to adjust the time on your Mercedes-Benz clock. Here is some information that will be useful to you.

Why are Car Clocks important?

Cars are never truly complete without clocks, which are a valuable asset to every vehicle owner. They assist you in keeping track of your day, and most importantly, they help you arrive at your appointments and destinations on time. With a clock in your car, you won’t have to take your hands off your steering wheel while driving to check the time on your phone or your wristwatch. A quick glance at the dashboard and that’s it!

What is the Purpose of an Analog Clock?

In many Mercedes-Benz car models, you will find that there are analog clocks in addition to digital clocks. “Why is this the case?” you may ask. Well, it is because these analog clocks offer both form and function. First of all, they give your car an air of class and sophistication. In Mercedes-Benz cars, clocks made by high-end brands are used to add to the feel of luxury. They also serve as a point of focus within the car. Additionally, based on the opinion of numerous drivers, analog clocks actually tell the time more accurately than their digital counterparts! These drivers also mention that they greatly prefer the look of them too.

Changing the Time in Older Mercedes-Benz Models

Classic digital clocks installed in older Mercedes-Benz models can be adjusted with two buttons. These buttons can be found behind the wheel on the driver’s display and are spaced apart. Alternatively, they can be found on the radio console, positioned much more closely together.

In the case of the former, you will have to press the left button and hold, so that the numbers on the clock will flash. Next, use the button on the right to adjust the time. Then, hold down the left button once more to complete the process. For the latter, one button will adjust the hour portion of the clock, while the other changes the minute portion.

Changing the Time in Newer Mercedes-Benz Models

Clock adjustment in newer Mercedes-Benz models is easy! Typically, one would not need to do this because your car will use the GPS to derive the time. But if you want to reset the time yourself, here are some simple steps you can follow.

  • Locate and click on the “vehicle” button on the menu on the top screen.
  • Locate the “time” button on the menu of the lower screen.
  • An entire selection of features will pop up, such as “daylight savings time,” “time zone,” and “set time manually.” To turn off the daylight savings time feature, select “daylight savings time” and clock “off.” To adjust the time zone, select “time zone” and click on the time zone that is appropriate for your area. To manually adjust the clock, select “set time manually.”
  • Use the knob to adjust the hour portion. Next, slide it to the right if you want to adjust the minute portion. When this process is complete, simply press down.

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