The All-New 2017 E-Class!

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The all-new, redesigned E-Class Sedan is a true masterpiece of intelligence and undoubtedly the most intelligent sedan in its class. It’s well-ahead of its time, and it has everything you could possibly dream about in a vehicle, and more. As the 10th generation E-Class, this 2017 model has exceeded our expectations with the introduction of a number of new driver assistance systems. These technological innovations represent the gateway to autonomous driving.


The exterior keeps its athletic, yet elegant body style but makes a few positive changes. An elongated hood, coupe-like roof, and broad shouldered tail-end creates an alluring silhouette. Short overhangs, a long wheelbase, large wheels, and well-defined franks make this E-Class stand out as well. Stylish, dramatic exterior lines show that this sedan craves aerodynamic speed. The E-Class still has two models – Sport & Luxury. The Sport model comes equipped with lowered suspension, and 18” 5-Spoke Wheels, and an AMG® Body-Styling Sport Grille. The Luxury model comes equipped with comfort suspension, 18” Multi-Spoke Wheels, and the classic grille with the Three-Pointed Star emblem on the hood. You can see it when you look over your steering wheel and just out your front windshield. The brand stands strong and proud. Both model lines have a unique LED headlamp split design, reminiscent of the signature E-Class lamp design.

E-Class Headlight

The best-in-class interior raises the bar with an elegant design and innovative technology ahead of its time, and ultra-luxurious appointments. These appointments take the E-Class to the next level. The attention to detail and superior craftsmanship of the new E-Class is absolutely magnificent.

E-Class Interior

As the mid-class Sedan, the new E-Class combines all the most beautiful features of both the C-Class and S-Class, while keeping the classic E-Class comfort that we’re all used to and that we all absolutely love. The beautifully flowing lines of the waterfall inspired center console are similar to that of the new C-Class, while the new dashboard design fully integrates two gorgeously clean and impressive color displays with a look extremely similar to that of the S-Class. The new look and logic of the COMAND® screen is made to simplify operation while providing more beautiful, high-resolution displays. New ergonomic and sculpted seats vastly improve comfort on long journeys and create the best driving experience possible. After all, you’re driving in an E-Class, so you deserve the best.

E-Class Seats

The list of new features to the E-Class is overwhelming, but the good kind of overwhelming.

To start, the introduction of the Touch Control Buttons on the Multi-Function Steering Wheel is a superior functional advancement. They recognize touch and swipe gestures for you to have full control easily.


The 12.3 Inch Digital Instrument Cluster Display replaces the 7 Inch Instrument Cluster with mechanical gauges. Easier to see clearly and definitely much nicer to look at.

E-Class Wheel

The 12.3 Inch COMAND® Display. Easier to see with images containing a much higher resolution.


Multi-Color Interior Ambient Lighting comes standard, with 64 different color choices. Yes… we said 64.


New Key Design Debut!


Wireless Charging with Premium 1 Package


Car-To-X Communication comes standard. The new E-Class is the first vehicle in the world available to the public that has Car-To-X Communication. This technology allows the vehicle to virtually see miles down the road.


Apple CarPlay & Andriod Auto are now part of the infotainment screen in the new E-Class.


For those music lovers, the Premium 1 Package comes with the new Burmester Srround Sound System, which comes with 13 speakers and 590 watts via a 9-channel amplifier. But why stop there? Upgrade to the Burmester High-End 3D Surround Sound System with 23 speakers, powered by a 25 channel DSP amplifier & 1,450 watts of power.


When it comes to safety, the new advancements are superior. There’s a plethora of new technologies in the Driver Assistance Package option, new DRIVE PILOT includes technologies for easier, less stressful driving and contains many enhanced safety technologies for safer commuting. PRESAFE® Sound truly demonstrates the commitment Mercedes-Benz has to safety. The sound system emits a brief pink noise sound to precondition occupants so a natural reflex inside the ear rapidly closes and reduces 40% of noise exposure during a collision. PRESAFE® Impulse Side is an incredibly effective system that can increase distance between the occupant and the door to reduce the relative impact speeds at the side structure. At the correct time, the system gives a slight push to the center of the vehicle. The push is initiated by a very rapid inflation of the air chamber in the seat bolster.

2017 E-Class

With more standard equipment than ever, as well as an abundance of new technological innovations, the 2017 E-Class absolutely blows away the competition. It’s coming to dealerships in the summer of 2016 and we can hardly wait.

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