Employee Spotlight: Jerry Ricca, Sales Consultant


Jerry Ricca is a Sales Consultant at Mercedes-Benz of Huntington. Jerry has been working at Mercedes-Benz of Huntington for a year now, but has been with the Mercedes-Benz brand for 3 years total. Before working for Mercedes-Benz, he worked in the hospitality industry for 17 years, working with high end clients.


In Jerry’s experiences as a sales consultant for Mercedes-Benz, he has found that his favorite thing is being with the brand that has the latest technology. “We have all the stuff before everyone else,” says Jerry. “Mercedes-Benz has a legacy of innovation and technology that still stands true today, and that has to be one of the things I love the most about selling their products.”


Besides Mercedes-Benz’s innovative technology, Jerry has a lot of other aspects of Mercedes-Benz he loves. Jerry’s favorite aspects of Mercedes-Benz are the safety features, the years and years of history behind the brand, and their legacy in the luxury market. “They are a brand that just keeps getting better and better as time goes on,” says Jerry. “They truly spare no expense, and strive to create the best product they can.”


As for Mercedes-Benz of Huntington specifically, his favorite thing is that it is under a family owned auto group. “The owners are very accessible and transparent,” says Jerry. “You can go right to them to ask questions as opposed to a company where that is not possible. They look out for us and our best interests.”


Jerry has made lots of memories in his experiences in sales. One aspect he finds the most memorable is when he has the opportunities to do factory orders with customers. “It’s definitely a memorable experience for both the customer and myself,” says Jerry. “The process itself gets you to get to know the customer a lot more, since the vehicle is catered exactly to the customer’s specific needs.”


With factory orders, the customer and the sales consultant go through the step by step customization and tracking process as the vehicle is being made to order. “One time a customer called me and asked ‘Has my car been born yet?’ asking about their factory order.” Jerry chuckled. “If you think about it, it’s like a car is being born. It’s the birth of your Mercedes-Benz.”


Whether you’d like to do a factory order “Birth of a Mercedes” as Jerry puts it, or if you are interested in one of the vehicles we already have in our showroom, Jerry as well as the rest of our sales staff is always ready to assist our customers! Come stop by our showroom to see our inventory and say hello to Jerry, or give us a call at 855-777-9693! 

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