Employee Spotlight: Jon Gabel, Parts Manager


Jon Gabel is the Parts Manager at Mercedes-Benz of Huntington. He has over 23 years of experience with the Mercedes-Benz brand, having begun his career with Mercedes-Benz in 1995. Then, in 2001 Jon joined the Mercedes-Benz of Huntington family, and has been with us ever since!

Jon feels that the Mercedes-Benz brand has so much to offer, and is constantly amazed at what Mercedes-Benz has to offer. “Mercedes-Benz has products that show a long history of consistent quality, longevity, and innovation,” says Jon. “There are so many patents and so much innovation within Mercedes-Benz. I find it truly incredible the advances they have made.

Jon says his favorite thing about his current position as Parts Manager is that he gets to interact with all different types of people. “Working as a Parts Manager for Mercedes-Benz of Huntington, you meet a lot of different types of people,” says Jon. “Throughout my years working here, I’ve been exposed to all different types of people in my interactions and that’s definitely something worth noting.”

Throughout these interactions, there is one that stood out to him as a memorable event in his career. “I remember taking a little bit of extra time to help one of our customers - maybe a half hour or so,” says Jon. “To me, I was just doing my job, but she was so grateful for the help I provided her. She later went on to write a letter to the owner about the help that I provided and all of the extra attention she received.” Jon continued to say that despite feeling like he was just doing what his job entails, he definitely felt proud of his work after being recognized and applauded by a customer.

Jon also says his favorite thing about working at Mercedes-Benz of Huntington specifically is all of the people he works with. “I have the best group of people to work around every day,” says Jon. “Since I’ve began here in 2001 there has been a core group of people that have stayed here since the beginning, and to me that really says a lot about the work environment and the way the Buzzetta family runs the dealership.”

So next time you are shopping around in Mercedes-Benz of Huntington’s Parts Department, feel free to say hello to Jon, as well as the rest of our staff. He, as well as the rest of our staff are always ready to assist our customers!

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