In Case You Missed It: Highlights from Mercedes-Benz at the New York International Auto Show!


The New York International Auto Show was recently held at the Jacob Javitz Center in Manhattan, and Mercedes-Benz sure had a lot to display at this year’s show! We got to see first-hand what Mercedes-Benz was displaying during the show, and of course we are impressed. Mercedes-Benz strives to always provide the best, and this year’s auto show was no exception. We hope many of you got to enjoy the auto show this year, but just in case you couldn't make it, take a look at some of our favorite highlights! 

The New G-Class!

During the auto show we got to get up close and personal with the new 2019 G-Class, and it is definitely a sight to see! Mercedes-Benz still kept the traditional and signature look of the G-Class that everyone knows and loves, and added some modern twists to it. All in all, all the tweaks and changes that were made to create the new G-Class makes the SUV look even more eye-catching and breathtaking than before. We are definitely excited to see the new G-Wagons in our showroom in the near future!


The AMG GT 4-door Coupe!

The newest addition to the Mercedes-Benz family has been making quite a buzz in the automotive world, and we can definitely see why! The design of the AMG GT 4-door Coupe is breathtaking, to say the least. It definitely retains the sleek and seductive design of its older brother, the AMG GT, while also boasting four doors. It was definitely hard to keep our eyes off of it in person! Just seeing this beauty in person had us dreaming about the exciting new addition of the AMG GT 4-door coupe to the Mercedes-Benz family, and soon enough our showroom!


The Refreshed C-Class!

The C-Class can be considered one of Mercedes-Benz’s most popular models, and the C-Class that everyone knows and loves just got even better for 2019! Refreshes to both the interior, as well as the exterior have been made, and they definitely add even more to the car! The exterior of the C-Class is even more stylish and seductive than before, featuring LED headlamps, a redesigned bumper, as well as a diamond-fit grille. We can see why there were lines of people waiting to see the new C-Class! We got to sit inside the redesigned C-Coupe, and the interior design changes are wonderful to say the least. We were welcomed by a new instrument cluster design that was colorful, animated, and vibrant. There were also many interior refinements such as a redesigned central media display. The C-Class is better than ever for 2019, and we were so excited to see the changes first hand!


The Mercedes-Benz Car Lineup

Besides all of the newly announced models that were displayed at the show, it was also great to see Mercedes-Benz’s current models, and be able to experience them first-hand. Models such as the E-Class, SL, S-Class, and Mercedes-Maybach were just some of the many models that were on display for the public. It was no wonder that Mercedes-Benz seemed to be the busiest section of the auto show, since Mercedes-Benz has so much to display!


Mercedes-Benz SUVs

On the bottom floor of the show, Mercedes-Benz SUVs had their own section featuring the GLS, GLE, GLC, and GLE. It was definetly nice to see all of the SUV lineup together in one place, and made us realize that we have a great selection of SUVs to choose from!


The Mercedes-Benz section at the New York International Auto Show this year was sure one to remember. We got to see future Mercedes-Benz models, as well as some of our current favorite models! It is a great opportunity for us on Long Island to be right in the backyard of Manhattan, where the auto show is held. We look forward to all that Mercedes-Benz has to offer this year, and we look forward to the next New York International Auto Show!


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